Only seven days left for the big move.

Leaving my home and moving to a whole new continent. Spain here I come! Olè!

I am very excited and anxious all at once. In these last few days, I am trying to leave everything settle at home. I am currently struggling with what to take and what to leave behind. I don’t want to over pack. I know I will be picking up stuff as I go through my travels so I certainly want to pack “light.” Although, it seems difficult considering the cold weather I will be experiencing there and being from Miami doesn’t help with the cold. I am taking some essentials though for when I travel around.

In my opinion these are a must take:

  • Insta Mini Fuji Camera – Who doesn’t love instant pictures? To capture every moment.
  • Sunglasses – Great for sun coverage. Right?.
  • Stylish hat – A must have to dress up any outfit.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking around – I heard Converse are great, in my case they give me blisters in my pink toe after a while so I will be taking some New Balance and Toms for the long walking.
  • Backpack – One that is spacious and comfortable to take on weekend trips around.
  • All weather jacket – This would depend on the climate you will be in. For me, i’ll be traveling in winter so I need this.
  • Digital Camera – I haven’t decided if to invest in one or not. I will be taking my iPhone 5S though for digital pictures easy to share online.
  • Selfie stick – I know some of you might be against it but I think it’s a great tool for those people traveling solo like myself.

I will continue packing…


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